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BOOK BLITZ - YA Sci-Fi Thriller - Holdfast by Kate Carter

by Kate Carter
Publication date: December 14th 2016
Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller, Young Adult
Once they’d do anything to keep her safe. Now they’ll do anything to kill her.
The discovery of a genetically twisted corpse on her latest stepfather’s ranch in the Badlands of Forsaken triggers a desperate and brutal race against time for eighteen-year-old con artist Ariel Tesla when her loving stepbrothers are turned into monstrous killers with a single purpose: to hunt Ariel down and destroy her.

Running for her life, the one person she can turn to for help is the last person in the galaxy she can trust, former mark Hale Carrow. She needs a ship to get off the planet, fast; he wants revenge on the girl who broke his heart.
To save the family she never thought she wanted, she’s going to have to gamble on the boy she betrayed, or no-one’s life will ever be the same.
And hers will be over.

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TEASER TUESDAY - Can’t Fight This Feeling (Spikonos Brothers, #2) by Miranda Liasson

Can’t Fight This Feeling
Spikonos Brothers, #2
by Miranda Liasson
Releasing March 7th 2017
Teaser Extended

He got in her face. And oh, those big brown intelligent eyes up close, those chiseled cheekbones, so much more defined than her own, which really were such a waste on a man. That thick, pitch-black hair, so thick a woman’s fingers could get lost in there.
She tried to back up a step, but he moved forward. “Maybe. Let’s start by being honest with each other. Do you want me, Maggie?”
“We’re not talking about—that. Back off already.” She pushed on his chest a little. A mistake. Because it was hard as boulders and made her knees go weak. “Besides, you just—flinched when I touched you.”
“I think we need to do what you said, talk about it. I flinched because I felt what I think you feel too. That there’s something going on between us. What are we going to do about it?”
She flipped her hand dismissively. “It’s all that touchy-feely stuff we’re doing in front of your family. That has to stop.”
“This has nothing to do with playacting,” he said quietly. “And I think you know that. “That kiss on the court… It was real.”
“That kiss was…impulsive. Heat of the moment, fueled by our hard-won victory.” Joking now was not stopping the shivers that were running up and down her arms. Or the hot and cold coursing through her veins. Somehow, she sensed how it would be between them. Wild. No holds barred. And God help her, she wanted that.
She tried to pull some common sense out of her sex-addled brain. It would be a very bad idea on both their parts to forget their troubles with a sweaty round of sex, wouldn’t it?
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Widowed psychologist Maggie McShae is ready to find someone who won’t make her heart beat fast, her knees grow weak, or make her feel hot and cold at the same time. No one she can really love, because love brings too much pain.

Drew Poulos, son of a billionaire, is hiding out in Mirror Lake, working at his brothers’ brandy company. He inspires those very feelings Maggie’s determined to avoid. The hunky businessman, who left his high society bride at the altar, is the last person she’d ever seriously date…but he might just be perfect for a fling…


Drew’s too heartbroken to ever trust any woman again, but the sexy psychologist is the perfect person to deflect his family’s attention as his brother marries the woman Drew once thought was his.

 As sparks fly, two injured hearts might just find that true love can be even better the second time around….
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Author Info
Miranda Liasson loves to write stories about everyday people who find love despite themselves, because there’s nothing like a great love story. And if there are a few laughs along the way, even better! She’s a former Golden Heart winner who writes contemporary romance for Montlake Romance, Entangled, and soon for Grand Central. She lives in the Midwest with her husband, three kids, and Posey, a rescue cat with attitude.
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RELEASE DAY BLITZ - Nighthawk: Sons of de Wolfe de Wolfe Pack, #7 by Kathryn Le Veque

Nighthawk: Sons of de Wolfe
de Wolfe Pack, #7
by Kathryn Le Veque
Publication date: February 21st 2017
Genre: Medieval Romance
1271 A.D. - The Wolfe's greatest son is a man known as NIGHTHAWK.

Patrick de Wolfe is every bit his father's son - cunning, intelligent, and ruthless. An enormous man with his father's dark hair and his mother's pale green eyes, he's the man destined to lead William de Wolfe's great legacy. He is so great, in fact, that the king has personally asked for his service, as one of the king's personal body guards. On the eve of Patrick departing for this auspicious assignment, he finds himself caught up in a skirmish along the Scots border.

And a prize lands in his lap that will change his destiny.

A prize in the form of a Scots captive harboring a deadly and important secret, one that could bring war and destruction upon those who shelter her. When Brighton “Bridey” de Favereux is rescued by the powerful English knight, she is taken back to the massive fortress of Questing Castle, seat of the legendary de Wolfe family. Having known nothing but hardship and cruelty her entire life, she is surprised when they are kind to her. The English, who are supposed to be her mortal enemy, are gracious and generous. For the first time, she understands that people can be kind to each other.

And the kindest one of all is the man who saved her.

Some loves are unexpected while others are instantly realized. The love between Patrick and Brighton is something that comes from a deeper place of understanding and attraction, a powerful love that cannot be denied… but it is a love that may cost them both their very lives when Bridey's terrible secret is uncovered.
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Patrick stopped to look at the source of his sister’s interest and when he did, he was in for a surprise. He’d not seen the lady in the light. When his gaze fell on her, he felt a bolt of shock run through him - illuminated in the torches was a woman of unearthly beauty. She had brown hair, but it wasn’t just any shade of brown; he could see highlights of red and gold reflected in the torchlight. Her face was sweetly oval, as he’d noticed in the darkness, and she had the biggest eyes he’d ever seen in a shade of blue that was reflecting pale in the weak light. Her nose was pert, her skin like cream, and her rosy lips shaped like Cupid’s bow.
He’d never seen anything like her in his entire life.
“This… this is Lady Brighton de Favereux,” he told his sisters, sounding like an idiot because he was so caught off guard by the woman’s beauty. “We saved her from a raiding party.”
“Is she a prisoner?”
“Nay. But….”
Before he could continue his sentence, his sisters rushed forward and pushed him out of the way, taking hold of the disheveled, frightened lady. Patrick found himself overwhelmed by small women, trying to keep hold of the postulate but being summarily removed.
“My goodness,” Katheryn said with concern as she put her arm around Brighton’s shoulders. “What a harrowing experience, my lady. But you are safe now. Come with us and we shall tend to you.”
Another thing about Katheryn that reminded Patrick of their mother was the fact that she could be rather pushy. “Not now, Kate,” he said sternly. “I have many questions for the lady. I must ask now while the situation is fresh in her mind.”
Both Katheryn and Evelyn scowled at him. “Look at her,” Katheryn said, sounding like she was scolding him. “Are you so cruel that you cannot see how exhausted and terrified she is? She needs food and a bath. We shall tend to her and when she is fed and rested, then you may question her. Are you truly so heartless, Patrick, that you would think of your own demands over her comfort?”
He frowned. “This has nothing to do with being heartless,” he said. “I have many pressing questions for the lady and….”
“They can wait,” Katheryn said firmly, pulling Brighton up the stairs with the help of her sister. They were boxed in around her, preventing Patrick from retaking her. It was a rather smart tactical move against him. “Let us feed the woman and make her comfortable. Then you can go on with your tasteless military interrogation.”
Patrick knew he was licked. He shook his head in frustration, watching his sisters escort Brighton up the stairs and into the keep, being most attentive and kind to her. It would be futile to argue with them, he knew, stubborn women that they were.
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Author Info
KATHRYN LE VEQUE is a USA TODAY Bestselling author, an Amazon All-Star author, and a #1 bestselling, award-winning, multi-published author in Medieval Historical Romance and Historical Fiction. She has been featured in the NEW YORK TIMES and on USA TODAY's HEA blog. In March 2015, Kathryn was the featured cover story for the March issue of InD'Tale Magazine, the premier Indie author magazine. She is also quintuple nominee (a record!) for the prestigious RONE awards for 2016.

Kathryn's Medieval Romance novels have been called 'detailed', 'highly romantic', and 'character-rich'. She crafts great adventures of love, battles, passion, and romance in the High Middle Ages. More than that, she writes for both women AND men - an unusual crossover for a romance author - and Kathryn has many male readers who enjoy her stories because of the male perspective, the action, and the adventure.
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AUDIO Tour - Blind Attraction (Reckless Beat, #1) by Eden Summers

Blind Attraction
Reckless Beat, #1
by Eden Summers
Narrated by: Tracy Marks & D.C. Cole
Length: 7 hrs and 20 mins 
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date: October 27th 2016
Publisher: Eden Summers

Whispersync for Voice-Enabled

"This is a Rock Star Romance you will never forget! Mitch and Alana will capture your heart in the first chapter and never let go..." 5 STARS -Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads

🔊 Audio Sample of Blind Attraction:  🔊

From The Book Junkie Reads . . . Blind Attraction (Reckless Beat, #1) . . .

Alana and Mitchell have connection that seems to defy what they both know about the world. Mitchell was the rock star with fan trailing in his wake. Alana the sweet, innocent beauty that captivated his attention. One wrong step changes Alana's world. It brings her in to a world she knows nothing about. She had lived a sheltered life and being in the presence of this rock star changes her world. Alana pulled him in with just one glance. A bit fuzzy and not quite focused but distinct enough for her to know that this man was like no other. Life and circumstance may just come between the two. 

I was up for the challenge of getting to know Alana and Mitchell. I enjoyed finding out if they each had what it took to find that love could change their worlds forever. I look forward to seeing what else this series has to offer.

Narration of . . . Blind Attraction (Reckless Beat, #1) . . .

This narration gave you a duo that turned the reading of this third POV into a more intimate blending of the worlds that was focused around both Alana and Mitch. The clarity of the sound quality was delightful alluring. The clarity wrung clear not matter which playback speed was presented. The slight changes in the speed allowed for a different feel for the audio being played back. I found that Tracy and D.C. both gave a different feel to the depth of what as being portrayed from the words written by Eden Summers. The blend of the two different styles allowed for you to feel immersed a bit more into the world that was created for both Alana and Mitch. 

He can seduce with a single glance.

Peering down at a sea of fans, rock star, Mitchell Davies can’t deny the innocent beauty of a woman in the front row. He’ll stop at nothing to get to know her. When a public altercation leaves her weak and defenseless, he takes the opportunity to be her savior.

She’s been sheltered from the world.

Alana Shelton wants to spread her wings and experience life away from her restrictive upbringing. But she isn’t prepared for a gorgeous stranger to sweep her off her feet while at her most vulnerable.

Attraction will bring them together, but their pasts will try to tear them apart.

He wants to teach her how to trust, but she’ll show him how to love. In a glamorous world of rock-and-roll, only time will tell if they’re up for the challenge.

Adult Content; sexual situations, 18+
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Author Info
Eden Summers is a bestselling author of contemporary romance with a side of sizzle and sarcasm.

She lives in Australia with a young family who are well aware she's circling the drain of insanity. Eden can't resist alpha dominance, dark features and sarcasm in her fictional heroes and loves a strong heroine who knows when to bite her tongue but also serves retribution with a feminine smile on her face. 
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Reckless Beat
Catch up with the Series
Series Reading Order:
Blind Attraction (Mitch) - NOW ON AUDIO
Passionate Addiction (Blake)
Reckless Weekend (Reckless Beat in Vegas)
Undesired Lust (Mason)
Sultry Groove (Sean)
Reckless Rendezvous (Leah)
Undeniable Temptation (Ryan)
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BOOK BLITZ - Bad Nanny (The Bad Nanny Trilogy, #1) by C.M. Stunich

Bad Nanny
The Bad Nanny Trilogy, #1
by C.M. Stunich
Publication date: November 22nd 2016
Genres: Comedy, New Adult, Romance
“He’s a bad boy … and a nanny.”
Holy sweet baby Jesus.

I don’t know anything about taking care of kids.
I pierce nipples, navels, and noses for a living.

I’ve never even held a baby before. Not once. Never changed a diaper or cleaned up a skinned knee. Hell, I don’t even want kids.  I’m more of a drifter, a once in a lifetime lover, and then I move on.

Family? Commitment? Nuh uh, no way.

Tough sh*t, though, because my brother and his kids need me.


I never thought to wonder if I might need them, too.

That I might need her, this strange woman I met at a playground.

Brooke Overland.

She doesn’t know I’m not a professional nanny, but what am I supposed to do now?

She hired me; I took care of her sister’s kids for her; I f*cked her.

My life is so screwed-up.
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“He’s just a study partner. I met the guy like three days ago.”
Zayden shrugs his sexy shoulders at me.
“So?” He grins at me. “You also met me three days ago.” I purse my lips at him and give the hairless cat a scratch near the base of his tail. His sweater today is red with a black guitar on the back. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.
“Five. And I don’t exactly make a habit of sleeping around. Virgin, remember.”
“Um, not a virgin anymore,” Zay says with a massive grin that I pretend I don’t find at all charming. The thing is, he’s super charming. Crazy charismatic. It scares me a little to be honest. I almost wish he was more of a dick. “Anyway, that guy has ulterior motives. Big time. I can smell it.”
“Like you don’t?” I ask with a laugh as Zay moves around the couch and gets up close and personal with me. I’m not even sure he realizes he does that, gets up in other people’s personal space like that.
“I never tried to pretend I didn’t. See, that’s the difference between that guy and me. I’m telling you exactly what it is that I want.”
“Which is?”
“Well, of course, it’s you, Smarty-Pants.”
I take a step back, but Zay follows me in, pausing for a moment as the baby gurgles and then sighs softly in sleep. My heart is pumping furiously, my body tingling as I feel the warmth rolling off of him. I can still remember the way it draped across me, that heat, that hard hot body. I suck in a breath.
“I thought you said this was a casual, no strings attached sort of a deal?” Zay grins and brushes some hair away from my face with his tattooed hand.
“It is. Look, this is a perfect arrangement, don’t you think? You can experiment with me, get all those virgin mistakes out of the way early on, and then in a week and a half, I’ll be gone. Boom. Back to Vegas, baby. No worries at all, no awkwardness, no crossing paths.”
I narrow my eyes at him, but inside, I’m going completely crazy. I can feel butterflies and tingles and this weird sort of buzzing that I’ve never felt before. I guess I’m having some kind of … sexual awakening or something. I feel hot and squirmy with need. I’m aware it’s all basic human chemistry and hormones and pheromones and all of that … but damn.
“You’re offering to … teach me or something?”
Zay snaps his fingers and leans in close, the piercings on his face winking at me in the weak sunshine.
“Yeah, sure, why not? What do you have to lose?”
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Author Info
C.M. Stunich is a self-admitted bibliophile with a love for exotic teas and a whole host of characters who live full time inside the strange, swirling vortex of her thoughts. Some folks might call this crazy, but Caitlin Morgan doesn't mind – especially considering she has to write biographies in the third person. Oh, and half the host of characters in her head are searing hot bad boys with dirty mouths and skillful hands (among other things). If being crazy means hanging out with them everyday, C.M. has decided to have herself committed.
She hates tapioca pudding, loves to binge on cheesy horror movies, and is a slave to many cats. When she's not vacuuming fur off of her couch, C.M. can be found with her nose buried in a book or her eyes glued to a computer screen. She's the author of over thirty novels – romance, new adult, fantasy, and young adult included. Please, come and join her inside her crazy. There's a heck of a lot to do there.

Oh, and Caitlin loves to chat (incessantly), so feel free to e-mail her, send her a Facebook message, or put up smoke signals. She's already looking forward to it.
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