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Virtual Tour w/AUTHOR INTERVIEW - Ancient Ties (Pale Moonlight, #2) by Marie Johnston

Ancient Ties
Pale Moonlight, #2
by Marie Johnston
Date of Publication: January 27th 2017
Cover Artist: P and N Graphics
Genre: Paranormal Romance

From The Book Junkie Reads . . . Ancient Ties (Pale Moonlight, #2) . . .

Set my hands afire. This red head has a lot more behind her than a human upbringing. The plot thickens when threats from known sources are not the only dangers out there. There becomes a more dangerous and deadly one from closer within. This time destine mates may need a lot more than fate and destiny to guide their hearts and heads.

Kaitlyn proves she was more than her upbringing. Chayton had to acknowledge that she was more than he dreamed she could be. The battles begin to take shape and future are determined. Plans go awry and new ones take there place. This was an adventured filled read that got me excited. I love red heads. I loved Kaitlyn. She stood her ground. She made herself do the impossible. She was strength, courage, and more. She became my hero.

I loved this read. I need to go read Birthright.

Pale Moonlight series:
Birthright – Pale Moonlight, #1
Ancient Ties – Pale Moonlight, #2

Born to be Guardians…
Chayton Eagle comes from a strong line of wolf shifters, his father an ancient in their pack. Chayton proudly acts as a Guardian, defending the colonies from danger—both from outsiders and from threats inside the pack. The one thing he doesn’t need is a human-raised female on his team—especially not one who passes out each time she shifts! Never mind that she was trained by elite Guardians, Chayton doesn’t need the distraction of a tall, sexy-as-hell redhead when he’s working. He has to focus. And he has to remember he’s scheduled to take the blood oath with a female, a long-ago pairing arranged by her parents. It doesn’t matter he and Kaitlyn are fated mates.

She can’t be his. Not now. Not ever.

Destined to be Mates.
Kaitlyn Savoy knows Chayton is supposed to be her mate. Too bad he’s such an ass about her human upbringing making her weak. Too bad she’s been assigned as his partner to take down the feral shifters threatening one of the colonies. Too bad she’s so damn attracted to him. As the mission continues, Chayton is captured by the ferals, and Kaitlyn proves her worth as a Guardian. During the rescue, she uncovers the secrets of her past, secrets that will affect her future. Despite his best efforts, Chayton’s opinion of her begins to change, his respect growing—along with feelings he can’t deny. She’s become part of his life, part of his heart. A fact his soon-to-be inlaws notice—and they intend to put an end to the temptation Kaitlyn poses to Chayton.

No matter what.
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Chayton stormed to his cabin.
A four hour drive. With Kaitlyn.
Spending the night. With Kaitlyn.
Roaming the woods. With Kaitlyn.
His heart pounded, his nostrils flared, and he huffed like a bear after a marathon. Slamming his front door open, he charged through and kicked it shut behind him.
Only then did he double over, hands on his knees, sagging to catch his breath.
Kaitlyn Savoy.
The sexiest thing he’d ever laid eyes on.
The shifter he was never supposed to meet. His mate.
And she was oblivious to it.
He stomped through his cabin. Her lack of mating insight was for the best. If he had his pick of shifters, she’d be the last on the list. Besides, he was promised to another. Kaitlyn was young yet, and based on her blasé to distasteful reaction to him, she’d have no trouble moving on. Or not. Her sanity may last longer than most who don’t anchor their souls with a mate. But if she needed to bond, she wouldn’t have a problem finding someone. Like that bartender at Pale Moonlight.
His fangs bared and a growl escaped before he stopped himself. He’d never caught her with him, but stories had it the bartender helped her assuage the physical needs shifters of their caliber experienced. She hadn’t been with the guy since Chayton had been around. That decision had increased the bartender’s life expectancy considerably.
No. No. It shouldn’t matter. She needed to move on and he had no say with who. Chayton straightened and wiped his brow, which had dotted with sweat. It was always an effort to contain his reaction around that female.
Why her?
Ancient blood—pure, undiluted shifter blood—ran through his veins, thanks to his father. His Sioux mother would roll over in her grave. Chayton’s bloodlines were rich with history and honor.
The female he’d sworn himself to, Tika, would make a lovely mate instead. Soft brown eyes, feminine curves, and ancestry as strong as his. In fact, she was coming of age soon. For him, that was twenty-five. Her parents had pushed for their union when she turned eighteen, but that had seemed too pervy for him. At two-hundred and twenty-nine, he wasn’t about to jump a girl the second she was legal. If it was up to him, he’d wait even longer, but even Tika had pushed for their binding.
His stomach rumbled, alerting him that he’d missed dinner. Not that he’d eat at the main lodge anyway; it was a tactic he used to avoid Kaitlyn.
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How would you describe your style of writing to someone that has never read your work?
Informal and simple. It’s not often I get wrapped up in flowery descriptions because they’re not my strength. My editor usually combs through coaxing more descriptions out of me. What’s this room look like? Smell like? During the fight, what are they feeling? Sounds? I need her to point out all the places I glossed over so I can bulk my scenes up and enrich them.

What mindset or routine do you feel the need to set when preparing to write (in general whether you are working on a project or just free writing)?
I neeeeed to check all my social media first. All of it. Facebook, Twitter, personal email, work email, any account I have—anything with numbers, then the forums…so it can take a bit for me to actually dive in. My best writing time it when I can get out of the house and go someplace. I never hook my PC up to internet outside of my home, so I check my phone quick, then I’m in the story.

Do you take your character prep to heart? Do you nurture the growth of each character all the way through to the page? Do you people watch to help with development? Or do you build upon your character during story creation?
The character builds each time I write them. I’ve quit worrying about getting it all sorted out up front because nothing blanks my mind faster. My routine has become writing the story and then going back and figuring out the characters’ arcs and themes and charting their goals, motivations, and conflict. When I edit, I keep those in mind so I can strengthen the character and story. It’s so fun to write and discover a personality trait that I doubt I could come up with on my own from planning. It’s like the character has to reveal it to me.

Have you found yourself bonding with any particular character? If so which one(s)?
My first series was basically written so I could tell the story of two characters—and their book is the last book Pure Claim. That book actually bothered me and I couldn’t figure out why. It didn’t feel like a traditional story and truthfully, I realized it was almost the last half of their story. Their romance took place in bits and pieces throughout the series, but by Pure Claim, she had to finish a journey in order to get her happily-ever-after.

Do you have a character that you have been working on that you can't wait to put to paper?
Since my paranormal series are tied together in the same world, I get the chance to be introduced to future main characters. It’s exciting! And I usually can’t wait until I get to write their story. My next release is Bishop, book three in New Vampire Disorder, so soon I’ll get to start the story of Zoey, who first appears in Pure Claim, and her love interest, a bad boy demon named Stryke.

Have you ever felt that there was something inside of you that you couldn't control? If so what? If no what spurs you to reach for the unexperienced?
Mentally, I feel like a cross between a matronly woman and Harley Quinn. I’m always worried about what people think and am a chronic people pleaser, but I have such a sarcastic personality. That leaves me a very repressed girl. Writing can be very cathartic, like it seams the various pieces of my being together. My characters need to express themselves and I get to release those tidbits of repressed matron and wild child through them.

Author Info
Marie Johnston lives in the upper-Midwest with her husband, four kids, and an old cat. Deciding to trade in her lab coat for a laptop, she’s writing down all the tales she’s been making up in her head for years. An avid reader of paranormal romance, these are the stories hanging out and waiting to be told, between the demands of work, home, and the endless chauffeuring that comes with children.
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