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Virtual Tour w/Author Interview - Steele City Blues (Hell’s Belle Series, #3) by Karen Greco

Steele City Blues
Hell’s Belle Series, #3
by Karen Greco
Date of Publication: January 3rd 2017
Cover Artist: Robin Ludwig
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

From The Book Junkie Reads . . . Steele City Blues (Hell’s Belle Series, #3) . . .

My first read with Karen Greco and of course it had to be a supernatural battle with a mother from hell. Nina had to battle her mother, Lelia, the supernatural hybrid vamp/witch bitch determined to destroy the world and create an army that will never die. That kinda sums it up. Well, not quite. This one was a serious battle of the genes. I have not read any of the other but let me say. I had to get on it. This was a fabulous read. I had no major issues navigating things going on.

Nina was an ass kicking special ops or blood ops operative. With all that was going on, she had more family appear on the scene, all was not bad. It all depended on how you looked at things. Nina was needed to kick ass, not take name, not linger on being dateless, or at the least not dating whom she wanted. Needing help to correct a lot of issues her mother created, including locking up the paranormal factors in the state of Rhode Island.

I must say that I was on one HELL of a ride with this one. I got action and family drama. I got a frustrated female with her family, no date, and way too much to get done in a day. What possibly could come next for Nina???

Hell’s Belle Series:
Hell’s  Belle – Hell’s Belle Series, #1
Tainted Blood – Hell’s Belle Series, #2
Steele City Blues – Hell’s Belle Series, #3

Blood Ops leader Dr. O is chained in the bowels of Steele City, the state’s maximum security prison, and the clock is ticking for Nina and Frankie to bust him out.

Now that supernatural creatures are out of the closet, Providence is descending into an Apocalyptic wasteland. With the abrupt shut down Blood Ops, Nina and Frankie are on their own to save Dr. O and the other supernatural prisoners from certain death. Not knowing where Demon Mayor Bertrand’s loyalties lie, they are forced to rely on some questionable allies to battle Leila, a powerful vampire/witch hybrid hell bent on creating a indestructible supernatural army. She also happens to be Nina’s mom.

Alliances are tested and relationships fractured as Nina and her band of supernatural crime fighting misfits are pushed to the breaking point.

How would you describe your style of writing to someone that has never read your work? Humorous but dark. I try to find the funny, even in the middle of all the chaos.

What mindset or routine do you feel the need to set when preparing to write (in general whether you are working on a project or just free writing)? Since I am often writing on the fly, and squeezing some sessions in between working my full time job, I don’t really have a routine. I’d sure love one though! Before I do anything, I need coffee.

Do you take your character prep to heart? Do you nurture the growth of each character all the way through to the page? Do you people watch to help with development? Or do you build upon your character during story creation? I do take the care and feeding of my characters to heart. I love watching them grow. But I sometimes I have to do awful things to them for them to move forward. That’s always hard. But that’s also how they evolve.

Have you found yourself bonding with any particular character? If so which one(s)? I think I’ve bonded most with Casper, an 18-year-old ghost. I smile when I write him.

Do you have a character that you have been working on that you can't wait to put to paper? I have about a million of them! I had a whole other book series in my head, and I think I am going to try out some of the characters in the next Hell’s Belle installment, and maybe look at spinning them off if I think they work.

Have you ever felt that there was something inside of you that you couldn't control? If so what? If no what spurs you to reach for the unexperienced? Not quite sure I get the question. I never feel compelled to do something I’d never normally do, but I do like trying new things. But new things can be scary and weird; it’s easier to stay home! So writing kind of forces me to do things that take me out of my comfort zone. For example, I’m working on book where I need characters to shoot guns, and I had never shot a gun in my life! So, off I went to the shooting range for a lesson! Before I shot, I was scared to death around guns. Then I did it, and rather enjoyed it. And, this past fall, I went camping for the first time. I slept in a tent! I never, ever thought I’d sleep in a tent. And I needed to do that because I may have characters that will be roughing it. It’s good to be uncomfortable sometimes!

Author Info
Karen Greco is originally from Rhode Island and loves hot wieners from New York System, but can't stand coffee milk. She studied playwriting in college (and won an award or two). After not writing plays for a long time, a life-long obsession with exorcists and Dracula drew her to urban fantasy, where she decapitates characters with impunity. Steele City Blues is the third book in the Hell’s Belle series, after Hell’s Belle (the first) and Tainted Blood (number two). She writes contemporary romance for a small press under the pen-name Jillian Sterling, and has a day job in entertainment publicity. She does not speak in the third person all that often.

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